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cultivation of sugar beet in india

sugar beet

Tropical sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris spp. Vulgaris  var altissima Doll)   is a biennial sugar producing tuber crop, grown in temperate countries.  This crop constitutes 30% of total world production and distributed in 45 countries.  Now tropical sugarbeet hybrids are gaining momentum in tropical and sub tropical countries including Tamil Nadu as a promising energy crop and altern

Diseases in Barley and how get their management

 Diseases in  Barley

Barley is the fourth largest cereal in the world after maize, rice and wheat with a share of 5.5-6% of the global cereal production. Barley is grown nearly by 100 countries worldwide and during 2013, globally the area under the crop was nearly 49.14 million hectares with a production of 143.95 million metric tonnes ( ).