organic farming

Sustainable farming Farmers beneficial for future

Providing enough food for the growing population in the country was a huge responsibility. Gujrat sixty years the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, we lost a lot. Day by day, we want to produce more using new technologies, environmental pollution, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution is promoted.

Organic farming not a threat but a benefit to the environment

A few days ago I heard through the newspapers of the chemical to organic farming as Bagyanikon gave the status of our country's experts are saying the same thing that the US had said some time ago that I do not understand us Instead of a test given by expert Tththon why western countries are repeating
The US has said the truth would have been a hobby for us Abdharna

Using the best future introduction of biological pesticides

70% of the population of our country is still dependent on agriculture for our farmer brothers enhance crop yields, farmers improved seeds, fertilizers and truth etc. All possible efforts are balanced, Biki once again disappointed in the crop disease and pests The outbreak. To prevent farmers use chemical pesticides, which, along with crop and land for farmers is also harmful.