organic farming

Organic fertilizers for agriculture is an essential exchanges

Introduction Nutrition is the primary need of food organisms in plant growth and development subsidiary, including all the elements necessary and balanced volume is a must, for plants mainly come from the air, water, land and fertilizer. Plant nutrients are often in a state of change work is done by micro-organisms.

A cow, five-acre farm

Asafoetida not engaged alum, pure color rose. At zero cost for natural farmers are saying is true. Without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, using only cow dung and cow urine grain and vegetable production are getting more. If your neighborhood is a cow, then five acres of farm manure will not worry. Just dung and crop Lhlhaagi from molasses. You will also get quality output.

Organic farming ............ nadep

I used to think how each of Charak said several hundred years ago vegetation is a medicine. Then go to Maine every vegetation also makes the land fertile, how on ...............

One thing the matter to find out what all the vegetation shows few signs of a plethora of certain elements.


What is also evident that the element that plants have come on the ground