organic farming

Crisis deepens corrosion protection of biodiversity one of the biggest requirement

Biodiversity or biological diversity is the variation found between organisms that species, between species and diversity of their Paristhitiktntron contains. The first use of the term bio-diversity of today, about 25 years ago in 1985 by Walter G. was 0 Ration. There are three levels of biodiversity. (I) genetic diversity, (ii) racial diversity; And (iii) diversify Parsthitiktntr.

Agriculture should be made profitable

Best Kanse agriculture should be made before knowing what we need to know of problems of the agricultural | Agriculture in India has witnessed since civilization has been developing since the Aryan civilization or Indus Valley civilization and the ancient times as a proverb The "Best Farming medium Ban assume serfdom cooker diagnosis" of means, the better cultivation in India is considered, the

Without water tomorrow! How is acute water crisis?

Imagine life without water is redundant. Water is one of life's basic needs, used for drinking, cooking, irrigation, animals and birds is critical to the industrial units. Not much time has passed, the water crisis in the Maldives was. 12 thousand tonnes from India sent fresh water. This water crisis is only signaled.