organic farming

The useful medicinal crop Keshia Liwd Oval.

Cirota or Ckramrd of India can be seen all in all provinces. Farm-barns, plains, roadside and found in abundance in forests in this plant is full of many medicinal properties, although it is considered a weed not less. Its botanical name is Kessia Torah. Ckvd the Pvadh, Pmad, Pwar, Jkvd etc. is called by names. Ckramrd Sanskritised. Hindi-Pvadh, Pwar, Ckvd. Takla Marathi. Kuvadion Gujrati-.

The importance of organic fertilizers to increase production capacity of the land

The yield increase is the use of chemical fertilizers and soil fertility and structure: but more use is also adversely affects the chemical fertilizers (Chemical fertilizers) as well as organic fertilizers (Bio-fertilizers) are increasing the scope of use .