Techniq of reduce the cost of cultivation

There are two ways to make farming profitable to increase production and reduce costs. The main inputs required for agriculture seeds, fertilizers and plant protection for plant nutrition, chemicals and irrigation. Field preparation, harvest period Nindai-Gudhai, irrigation and harvesting, threshing-Udhavni etc. that occur in agricultural units of energy is also an important place in agricultural production.

They must be used, but at the right time in the right way when levied on energy efficiency can be increased per unit. They stopped wastage and full or partial finding their place is also possible to reduce costs.

The activities and efforts in this direction, encouraging results have been obtained. These farmers benefit more from being polluted as well as the environment can also be saved.

Plant nutrition: plant nutrition market for purchased nitrogen, Sfur and Potashyukt fertilizer are used. Experiments have found that the nitrogen as chemical fertilizer (which urea, ammonium sulfate, etc. is given by), only 33-38 percent of the crop that is able to be achieved.

The remaining irrigation water with nitrates as trickles or less moisture is goes into the atmosphere in gaseous form in the state. Similarly, 20 percent of phosphorus and potash Sfur the fraction of the 40 to 50 percent do not get the crop. Sfur 80 percent of the black clay particles Badkr plants are not available.

These reduce the amount of fertilizers and organic manure to increase capacity utilization, such as manure or compost or manure etc. Use earthworms have been found beneficial. The organic farmer can prepare on their level. Besides edible oils such as neem, Pongamia cake etc. can be used. These Klion layer of powder grains of urea, urea nitrogen bent on the destruction of the waste can be saved.

To reduce the dependence of nitrogen fertilizers or Ajektobector use Rhizobium bacteria culture, wheat, millet, maize, cotton, etc. Antrvrtiy crops with crops such as gram, wheat, urad, tur, has been found beneficial Chaula etc. . Dlhnwargiy crops with nitrogen to the environment not only brings in its use, but its roots planted with the best catch in the stable nitrogen are also delivers. Sfur (phosphorus) Sfur solvents to increase the capacity utilization of bacteria should be used.

I still use my Dung dung is used as fuel by Kande. If you can convert it into biogas fuel problem solving as well as better quality compost is obtained. Depending on the number of animals in the village dung gas production, maintenance responsibility can be given to GPs.

Wheat fields after the harvest is cleaned with fire. Substantial organic is destroyed. After the burn immediately after harvest soil plowed field by turning the solution should be left in lumpy stage, which cut the stalks of plants, soil, and the lower surface of the stump etc. subordinated automatically dissolved on the top and rain and become organic fertilizer.

Irrigation water use efficiency of crops, except to raise a groove alternately (alternate) to irrigation, sprinkler (spray) irrigation, drip irrigation methods and tools etc. Use barrier layer between the crop rows (Mlc) using work methods etc. should be introduced.

Plant Protection: Diseases and insect abundance is the result of modern agriculture and continuously. Our goal is to protect crops rather than by blasting a loss. Insect and curative effect of chemicals that harm insects and diseases not only benefit the insects and diseases is also on.

To control them clean farming, parasitic and predatory insects and fungi that harm insects (Ffuँdon) and the virus has been found effective to use. Besides Neem, karanj, asafetida, garlic, etc. The use of alcohol, catch crop, harvest Feromen prolix, trap, light phenomena etc. means using the amount spent on the use of chemicals can be reduced. Plan to use chemical pesticides as a last option.

Prepare yourself Seeds: Nowadays hybrid seeds is more prevalent. They have to buy from the market each year. The production capacity is more than the normal varieties, but many crops and vegetables varieties by plant breeders have also been drawn up, the hybrid is almost identical (about 8-10 percent less) is produced.

The seeds, once bought five-seven years on his farm seeds for the next harvest, farmers can prepare themselves. The amount spent on these can be reduced by 40 to 60 percent. Adequate seed crops grown on their farm manure, irrigation and plant protection needs by providing not only the seeds are ready, rather than the yield of the seed crop gets some income from selling seeds.

These seeds are investigating garbage, cut them apart and underdeveloped seeds treated with Rhizobium or Ajetobector culture at the right time at the right distance and depth sowing enough plants per unit can be obtained.  website is Farmer portal to support online. has full support for Farmer .We are trying to put such article that can help kisan. is also a Kisan call center where Indian farmer can call 24x7 in hindi English or any other Indian languages , our expert will try there best. have submission for where Farmer can submit there query .