Organic fertilizers for agriculture is an essential exchanges

Introduction Nutrition is the primary need of food organisms in plant growth and development subsidiary, including all the elements necessary and balanced volume is a must, for plants mainly come from the air, water, land and fertilizer. Plant nutrients are often in a state of change work is done by micro-organisms. The microbe is known as organic fertilizers, as well as the fulfillment of the food crop has benefited from a variety of plant functions such as growth hormones and vitamins for plants built and implemented, antibiotics and immune capacity building and conservation of moisture in the roots of plants are so many types of plants, providing protection of soil fertility is helpful in creating a long fertile. Therefore, organic fertilizer is emblematic of land longevity.
The main organic fertilizer and their efficiency
It just does Raijobim- stabilization nitrogen in pulses.
It accelerates Ajatobactor- nitrogen stabilization and plant actions.
Ajospirilliam- also useful in non-cereals and pulses.
Sitobactor- meets nitrogen in sugarcane crop.
It increases the availability of phosphorus Pi.askbilkalcr- crops.
Wham Maikoraija- increase the availability of all the nutrients.
Ajola- of nitrogen in the rice supply and increases soil fertility.
Bilji.a- it meets nitrogen in rice.
Dikmpojr- compost from the compost culture is ready in less time.
Bayokltrolr disease - these diseases and pests Larvo offer protection from the producers.
Raijobaktiria- profitable crop plant growth and development of micro-organisms that are beneficial to many parties.
Rhizobium - the bacteria producing gland at the root of all pulses pulses is 80-90 percent of the nitrogen demand. 10 to 12 kg of seeds in the seed treatment by a Rhizobium packet of 200 grams of rice a glass of water or by Lehi in Maad is mixed in Bajo. And the pulses are used for the different specific Rhizobium culture.
Ajatobactor - the bacterial culture of all 15 to 35 kg of nitrogen per hectare for crops meets up.
Ajospirilym - the bacteria Azotobacter is the same as organic fertilizer and the seed treatment and soil treatment plant Jdopchar can be used in all crops. 20-20 kg of nitrogen per crop and positioning capability.
Acetobacter - This organic fertilizer mainly for sugarcane is particularly useful. All sugar cane crops along the entire 150 kg per hectare in the Panpakr 65 meets the nitrogen.
Pi.askbilkalcr - The bacteria to be used in the field may not receive phosphorus that plants fully, converted into a soluble form, which makes it useful for crop becomes unusable, making maximum use of phosphorus 10-40 kg phosphorus available to harvest the crop is in the 7-21 per cent growth. And is beneficial for all crops.
Wham Maikoraija - beneficial fungi which live the entire root crops in the Panpakr phosphorus in plants with numerous and increasing the availability of all the necessary nutrients and moisture conservation and provide protection from many diseases. It can be used by seed treatment and plant -jdonpchar.
Eloja and Bilji.a. - Ezola is an aquatic weed. It collected from ponds and lakes etc. can put in a paddy field. While Bilji.a. Culture (5 kg per acre) organic fertilizer production center to make purchases using the time of transplanting the paddy field. And 30 to 40 kg per hectare, both individually to meet the nitrogen. Bilji.a Ezola and is versatile for both paddy.
Dikmpojr compost - the culture-compost of manure and compost in less dissection process oil is ready, and the culture of the 1 to 3 percent, according to the quantity of raw manure Gdda while filling the pits after a week or conflate are.
Bayokntrolr disease - there were a lot of culture, which is now available in the market by products of the biological activity of many diseases and pests, crop protection is Larvo etc. And crops are used in the culture is like.
Plant Rajobaktiria - get it all beneficial bacteria in the root zone of the plants which grow a variety of crops, benefited from the soil, plant remains both in good health.
Using the method of organic fertilizers -
(1) seed treatment - Direct sowing seed treatment is the perfect way for all crops. The nitrogen and phosphorus that's one packet of rice starch dissolved in cold water or by Lehi black coating on 10-12 kg seed sowing immediately to the mix and dried in shade.
(2) Plant Jdopchar - for all crops to be planted 2 kg Ajatobactor / Ajospirilym and Fasfotika similar amount of water required by the solution, keep the rice for an hour or two to keep overnight. This is an acre of seedlings can be planted.
(3) Mridaupchar - either two or four kilos Ajatobector or Elospiriylm kg and four kg Pi.aslbik Culture of proper moisture 100 to 150 kg of dung is prepared by mixing in compost ready Fsalon after 24 hours of use, the portion of the root.
Wavdhaniyon -
Always use fresh culture.
With chemical fertilizers and chemicals should not Milacha.
Culture always keep cool places.
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