Nutrient-rich organic fertilizer: Vermicompost            Vermicompost

If a manure vermicompost, which is created by the particular species of earthworms. AND waste by earthworms eat dung, feces are formed by the tea leaf-like substance. That would vermicompost.

It still somehow drawn manure composting Mukablen are many times more nutritious. Deshi common earthworm manure compost to eight times, sheep, goat manure Mingni two times to four times more effective than others Bint AND poultry are estimated in various experiments. The second feature of earthworm compost manure are cold. AND whereas poultry dung compost manure is heated because it requires more water than the manure of earthworms. The third feature is that this fertilizer can be given at any time. Rabi crops brought by the use of manure to interfere with the problem can be greatly relieved.

Earthworm manure (vermicompost) to create: -

The manure to build each home AND / village itself readily available dung and garbage and earthworms by shady place appropriate water availability very - low cost (average 20 to 30 cents per pound) f in making any specific equipment, we others produce for themselves and more willing to sell the compost can.

Earthworms for composting manure, garbage, water and shady place with the choice of location is approximately 6-8 Uॅnchai fit. Bede's athletic length depends on the availability of manure. But width of 3 feet are placed. 3 to 4 inches thick layer of garbage fleet above should apply. If the dung-a-half to fit the height and fill the fleet Kho maintain the appropriate humidity. Gill Kho fleet to earthworms are left after 2-3 days. Make the appropriate moisture fleet should continue to keep a spray of water. Earthworms die humidity is low.

After leaving it in fleet earthworms Gas- straw and leaves are covering the waste is delivered to and covering up by the sack. This process is justified due to low humidity and light earthworms remain continuously active. Rain and cold weather every day except heat to keep water Chikav within 35-45 days above garbage / Muck are converted into vermicompost.

Ten feet long, three feet wide and one and a half feet high Bedh 4-5 quintals comes droppings. It is up to 60-70% manure. Earthworms earthworm manure prepared from the upper surface of the bed 2-3 inches apart for the Deven Gudhai. To do this, go down the earthworm. Gudhai turn up again and separated manure. Such earthworms and compost can be separated. 10 kg for a unit length of 10 feet of earthworms center courtesy of the Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana and soul free fee is paid.

Earthworm manure Benefits

Vermicompost surprise increase in the ability to prevent soil and plants that provide all the nutrients.

30-50 percent of food crops, fodder crops, fruit and vegetables 40 percent and are seen rising by 30-100 percent.

Quality of crops and fruits and vegetables, look, Poshtikta, taste is relatively Actrryjnk growth.

Crops in low water / irrigation needs to.

To get more by spending less.

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