Is India an agrarian country?

Why are farmers leaving farming?

Why are farmers leaving farming?
Bumiputera thousands in our country still only rely on rain water to support agriculture. The reason behind it is clear, is not currently profitable farming. The yield proportion to the cost and effort to assess if the above is the same. The farmer gets nothing. Today, farmers are forced to cultivate is bound. Means of livelihood other than farming because he is not.

Currently in our country in many regions farming conditions are so horrible that peasant life is beginning to take steps to end the right. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh is concerned, both the state in this case appear to compete with each other to get ahead. The raise is the question of the country farmers feed themselves today why is reached in case of death. It is also responsible for our common thinking. At present, India had emerged as the imagination of the meaning of life is based, the youth of our country are beginning to flee the village in search of a job. They just want the money in life. We know that in earlier times was the basis of the reputation of agricultural land, today it has taken place by the job.

Monsoon is like gambling with our farmers for centuries. Sky rain irrigation proper means not to have to change the way small farmers are now forced. Market prices have skyrocketed and small farmers are short of cash. It is also because the farmer is not the source of any other type of income. Crop farmer who grows, sells it immediately, because it would put their debt. Then Merchant as they take advantage of all the crops, which are buyers of the crop. I do not get a direct benefit to the farmer. It is there to think that the farmer gets his product in the market, then the prices are not favorable to the market price. The situation is that rice, the main crop can not get a fair price. His expression remains unchanged from the last several years. It is ironic that the environmental pollution caused by the monsoon comes on time and find the means to get timely irrigation to farmers. The whole society is also to blame for this, including the farmer. We unconsciously selfish destruction of nature are going to do, which is directly messing with human life. Cutting trees because we are affecting the speed of the monsoon, as well as many diseases are also invited. We know that today there are many diseases, the effects of impure air and unclean food. If we were not conscious of the environment for a time to come will be even more dangerous. However, the government has launched several projects in the name of farmers, but also as monsoon is just like a splash of water. The government must take the initiative of farmers will have something for improvement. Water flowing rivers will emphasize the protection and promotion. The day crop irrigation in India, will materialize, that day is truly the definition of agricultural country, India will head significance.

In the past farmers on major crops like rice and wheat had subsisted, but today is not only to survive through farming. Its cultivation by farmers so poisoned that produce a direct impact on agriculture has been read, the health is also affected. Advantage in agriculture is due to meet farmers. In such a situation, they have had to turn to cities. However, natural havoc starved farmers to grow the amount you spend, they would not refund the proportionate amount. So do not let the marginal and small farmers, what the hell does he?

Chemical farming is also due

We know it internalized that our cultivation Independence of India was very advanced. Many individuals are also seen in all directions lush farmland. Which is why our farming and who are currently in a situation that has hit our farmers were forced to cry. Agricultural land has become barren in many places, and many places is on the brink of desertification. The reason behind this are only chemical farming. Although in many places farmers have turned towards organic farming, which are visible under the expected results. Therefore it is important that farmers already have to be disposed towards organic farming. And our country can save badge of agrarian  website is Farmer portal to support online. has full support for Farmer .We are trying to put such article that can help kisan. is also a Kisan call center where Indian farmer can call 24x7 in hindi English or any other Indian languages , our expert will try there best. have submission for where Farmer can submit there query .