The importance of organic fertilizers to increase production capacity of the land                       organic fertilizers

The yield increase is the use of chemical fertilizers and soil fertility and structure: but more use is also adversely affects the potential use of chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers are increasing.

The use of organic fertilizers and nutrient supply with crop soil fertility is also stable. Use of chemical fertilizers with organic Urwkon Urwkon which increases the potential yield increases.

What are bio Urwk: Organic fertilizer is fertilizer Jivnu. Shukshm beneficial bugs present in manure (bactria) in Waumndl Viddhman already provide crop and soil nitrogen in the Hold Insolulable phosphorus by the plants are water-soluble. Thus the need for chemical fertilizers is limited.

It has been proven by scientific experiments that use of organic compost 30 to 40 kg of nitrogen per hectare land is received and yield increases by 10 to 20 percent. Therefore, instead of using chemical Urwkon a little less rich harvests of crops using organic fertilizers can be found. Organic supplements are the same as those of Urwk chemical Urwko also increase their capacity. Fasfobaktiria and Maikoraija Urwk using the bio-availability of phosphorus in farm is an increase of 20 to 30 percent.

Mainly of two types of organic fertilizer is: Naitrojni organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer Fasfori

Organic Fertilizer
Suitable Crops
Recommended method
Required quantity

For all pulse crops
Seed treatment
10-15 g per 200 kg seed

Pulses for all crops other than crops
Seed treatment, root treatment, and soil treatment
10-15 g per 200 kg or 5 kg of seeds per hectare

Pulses for all crops other than crops, especially useful for sugarcane
Seed treatment, root treatment, and soil treatment
10-15 g per 200 kg or 5 kg of seeds per hectare

For all crops
Seed treatment, root treatment, and soil treatment
10-15 g per 200 kg or 5 kg of seeds per hectare

Bio Urwkon benefits:
- They are cheaper than other chemical Urwkon cost of crop production is declining.
- The use of organic fertilizers nitrogen and soluble phosphorus availability for crops Bdtihan.
- It reduces the use of chemical fertilizer soil structure of the land.
- Organic fertilizer on plant hormones are produced increasingly Bdwar of whom is on the Achchhaa impact.
- Are not diseases Mridajny in organic crop.
- Organic manure on the farm, there is an increase in the number of beneficial organisms Shukshm.
- Organic fertilizer is environmentally safe.

How to organic farming:
Use of organic fertilizers or soil treatment is done by seed treatment or root treatments.
Seed treatment:
1. 200 grams of organic fertilizer in half liters of water to make a slurry.
2. The solution gradually putting hands on stacks of 10-15 kg seed mix well so that the organic fertilizers and seeds evenly Jaae sticks.
3. Prepare the treated seeds should be sown immediately dried in the shade.
Root treatment:
1. Organic fertilizer use by planting crops in Jdopchar do.
2. Create 4 kg of organic fertilizer slurry in 20-25 liters of water.
3. enough for a hectare of plant roots, keep 25-30 minutes immersed in the above solution.
4. The treated plants are planted as early as possible and to put in Chhanya.
Soil treatment:
1. For a hectare of land, the 25 packets of 200 grams of organic fertilizer is needed.
2. Add compost 5 kg 50 kg 50 kg soil as organic fertilizer Milaaen Koachci.
3. Add to the mix a hectare, 24 hours before the time of sowing or planting Sprinkle evenly. It also can put in the time of sowing Kundo or Kudo.
keep in mind that :
With the use of organic fertilizers Naitrojni Fasfobaktiria is very useful.
Raijobim culture is different for each pulse crop therefore pulse crop according to the purchase and use Rajobim culture.
Do not keep it in Dhunp organic fertilizers. Keep for a few days so the soil is very good pitchers use.
Crop specific fertilizer according to choose organic.
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