Green manure is a boon

Use of soil fertility and increase productivity has been going on since ancient times. The development of intensive farming systems and grow cash crops, the area under the certainty that the decline in the use of green manure but mounting energy crisis, rise in prices of fertilizers and manure and other compost, green manure today as the limited supply of organic sources and has increased in importance.
Pulses and non-pulses Botanical Briddhikal much time on their soil Uwarrarkta and increase productivity for decomposition in the soil by plowing the green manure is Dwana. These crops glands its roots by symbiotic bacteria present in the environment is stable in soil nitrogen tap.
Benefits of green manure
1. Yogः- of nitrogen in soil organic and 43.100 kg of different climatic conditions. 0 ha nitrogen in the soil can be increased. Increase the amount of nitrogen in soil pulse crops is part of the 1/3 is put to use for their growth.
2. Protection of soil nutrients in the surface.
3. Collection of soil nutrients in the surface.
4. The rise in the availability of nutrients.
5. Improve Adosath.
6. Protection of soil surface.
7. organic nitrogen stabilization Prbavः-.
8. Weed Niyntrnः-
9. improve soil conservation.
10. improvement of alkaline and saline Bhumiane.
11. The rise in crop production.
Green manure required Gunः-
1. The crop in less do more massive.
2. Phuॅcti crop roots are deeper.
3. Crop Botanical rise, branches and leaves become.
4. The crop is soft part of the plant.
5. reduce crop water Mog
6. The Mog reduce nutrients.
7. various conditions such as crop climate Adiktap, less heat to be tolerated more or less rain.
8. insects are going to tolerate aggression.
9. be able to be born in the soils of different types of crops.
10. When you leave a good impact on soil.
11. The seed crop to be available at affordable rates. Do rise shortly after harvest.
12. Harvest serves several purposes for? Bait, Line, green manure, crop seed production capacity of more Hane.
Green manure chances: -
1. Create Mridayen organic matter levels to grow green manure is required.
2. Lbniy for land reform.
3. Warshat leaves and stems Dॅk take the land. Thereby reducing soil erosion.
Green manure crops - sanai, Dancha, Urd, Lovia, Maug, guar and more.
Green manure crops production capacity: -
The production capacity of various green manure crops were in the following table.
Name harvest of green matter volume (tons / O 0) nitrogen percentage of nitrogen (kg. / O 0)
20-30 0:43 86-129 sanai
20-25 0:42 84-105 Dancha
Urd 10-12 0:41 41-49
Maug 8-10 38-48 0.48
Guar 20-25 0:34 68-85
Lovia 15-18 0:49 74-88

Vidhiya- of green manuring
1. spatial method of green manure in the form of green manure crop is grown in the same field. Which is to use green manure. This method is adopted in areas with adequate rainfall or irrigation ensured. This method Botanical Briddhikal before flowering (45-60 days) is turned into soil. Mixed green manure crops sown in the field by plowing drug is given at the appropriate time.
2. In this method Khadः- green leaves green leaves and tender branches breaking crop of green manure spreading in farm soil by plowing is Dwaya. And little moisture in the soil is even rotting. This method is useful in low-rainfall areas.

Enhance the quality of green manure Up

1. Suitable climate and soil conditions on crop Chunavः- is essential to choose the appropriate harvest. Alkaline and saline soils and soils common in submerged Dancha and sunn and Dancha both in good quality green manure crops is derived.
2. Pltai of green manure in the field of green material to achieve maximum Smayः- Pltai crops or plowing, sowing is Haneti obtained after 6-8 weeks. Age branches of the plant increases the amount of Reshen. In the decomposition of organic matter over time.
3. The use of green manure sowing or planting of the next crop of rice is grown in areas where Smayः-. There are more humid climate and temperature of the decomposition process is faster Honti. Therefore, in the field of green manure crop should not exceed 40-45 days of age.
4. Proper fertilizer Prabndhः- Mdaon low fertility in the 15-20 kg of fertilizers Naitrojndhari. / O 0 is useful to use, you use Raijoviym culture symbiotic nitrogen fixation activity of bacteria increases.  website is Farmer portal to support online. has full support for Farmer .We are trying to put such article that can help kisan. is also a Kisan call center where Indian farmer can call 24x7 in hindi English or any other Indian languages , our expert will try there best. have submission for where Farmer can submit there query .