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 organic farming

Used Rsayndalne these biological systems is to be destroyed and land and water pollution is growing in the fields of biological tools available to us to help us fertilizers, pesticides, medicines, rat control by the drug Bgarh

Must use. The organic farming methods, in collaboration with organisms says. Neswyn nature of operations which the organisms have developed nature again who provided energy plants are organic. The biological system that works in the field of the use of these methods, we will produce more and cereals, fruits and vegetables also are detoxified Avanuttm microorganisms and organisms of the system of nature again we will be able to cultivate Menshyogi.

To understand crop nutrition, we must consider the following facts. 1. Why did the nature of the nitrogen in the air is 78 percent? 2. Why are all green leaves of plants? 3. Plants need nitrogen from the air, why not take her? 4. The micro-organisms in the soil have done what? 5. The nature of wild trees to nourish what way? 6. weed how to grow without fertilizers? Different crops require the same ground, which is how the individual meets.

       Noting that the plant from germination to full age stands on the same spot. The food can not be on the second place. In view of the fact that nature has devised a system for their nutrition.

       For good growth of plants so much nitrogen in the air is by nature, but the plant can not directly exploited. If they do so, their length becomes so high that other creatures could have trouble staying. Since nitrogen is available to plants through the microorganisms, which convert air nitrogen plants provide.

       There are many kinds of soil microorganisms. His task is to provide micro elements in soil to plants * Cook Vektiria example, dissolved phosphorus available to plants offer. Rhizobium, Ajektobector provide nitrogen. Sulfur solvent-solvent Thayobesils potash, iron solvents, etc. bacteria Khudipls plants that provide ingredients. These microbial processes that promote change.

       The green color of the plants with the help of the sun's energy by photosynthesis for growth of plants that produce carbohydrates. The red color is caused Jenthofil leaves his job is the same.

       Nutrient Anzpizkek Principle in nature as a whole is not correct. Wild plants in any form nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium is not given, then how they get nutrients. The answer which plants trees shed leaves, they act after the entrance of bacteria or plants become available, either directly or in the ground to cooperate in changing nutritional elements available. This is only possible in the living soil.

       External supply of chemicals from human activities without the Flora Sun, wind, rain, lightning, moisture and bacteria are able to meet their needs.

       The case is similar to weed forests. Neither they nor any of their seed and fertilizer is no. Clearly, the nature of these spells cause a system is created. They are nourished by the same system. As well as a variety of other weeds provide weed nitrogen. Many of them neighboring weeds with chemicals to diseases and insect protection. Its characteristics are mutually cooperating with each other and the nature of the subtle mechanisms of cooperation to complete their life cycles. These microorganisms and plant capacity to produce energy using the sun's power. Making them operate their lifecycle.

       In the nineteenth century, after Bairam Whon Irsen experiments proved that living beings, which is what it should be, they have the ability to create. The seeds which are minerals, they change with germination, plant manganese in calcium, phosphorus and in Kelsimay, phosphorus and sulfur are found before the change. No changes from the ground plant, the plant is changing the ground.

       Therefore, it is known that bacteria and organisms that nature organic plants are designed by nature to meet their needs. Nature itself is full. It should not get any help from the outside. The same bacteria that work in agriculture. Bacteria are the waste Sdhate-Pdhate. -pude Nutrients from fertilizers to prepare them to receive the tree.  website is Farmer portal to support online. has full support for Farmer .We are trying to put such article that can help kisan. is also a Kisan call center where Indian farmer can call 24x7 in hindi English or any other Indian languages , our expert will try there best. have submission for where Farmer can submit there query .