Earthworm is Natural plowman

It is said that the most beautiful creation of God on earth. Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' theory of all human species is superior species. But biologist Kristolr Laॅid his book "What sense Aॅn Iwaॅlvd in 100 successful species on Earth has topped the list of earthworms. According to him, about 60 million years on earth earthworm exists. While the human species on Earth about 16 million years ago, is present.

India is a country with immense biodiversity. Different organisms is found. India is an agricultural country, the nearly 65-70 Pratista population is dependent on agriculture.

The nature of earthworms

Earthworm is an important organism. It also reveals the importance that it is called natural plow and farmer friends. Earthworms are found in soil moisture. It is fragmentary creatures Akseruki Union Anilida, class Kwaitela and host Oligokita concerns. 3600 of earthworm species and 20 families are found. With about 385 species in India. By the way, cutting across the three sections Ipijik earthworms, Indojik and Anisik is classified. Ipijik earthworms on the soil surface around 3 to 10 cm. Details are found in the leaves Avseshon consume. Earthworms Indojik 10 to 30 cm. The moist spots remain on depth and mineral intake. Anisik earthworm about 30 to 90 cm. To go in depth and talent in these bills is complex. Earthworms come in the way of omnivorous animals but usually only receive the selected food.

Growing Importance

Today, the importance of Kechuan has increased so much that their cooperation is being built on a large scale composting. Anyway, in today's time where pollution is becoming a serious problem or Apsisht Avsesh the organic matter has become a serious problem for our environment. Apsisht with substance rather embarrassing odor spread. Additionally Apsisht substance mosquitoes and breeding home for many types of microorganisms work. Settlements near the garbage dump is very harmful. But the problem liberated small worm-like organism is helpful. Earthworms organic waste into a beneficial substance that is able to change. The beneficial substance or Kenchuakhad we called vermicompost. Kenchuakhad in the process of becoming organic substances are converted into organic fertilizer. Like many species of Kanechuon Udrils Eugenie, such as sugarcane bagasse Avsesh Isonia Fetida and Periaॅniks Iksvets agriculture, cow, sheep, horse dung, etc., is turned into fertilizer. Such bacteria are bacteria in the digestive tract of earthworms that break down organic matter in the soil with harmful heavy metals also take her inside. Earthworms help of microflora in the digestion of their food intake.

Hams Farmer

Depending on the procedure and devouring earthworms is divided into two groups. In the first type, ie forming humus earthworm humus Farmers who fall 90 percent organic matter and 10 percent of these are superficial earthworms consume soil. These often are the red and flattened Panuc. They called Detriors earthworms. They are reared for vermicomposting. Feeder earthworm humus living in deep burrows in the second group are the 90 percent and 10 percent of soil organic matter intake. These are light-colored and porous and fertile soil play a vital role in creating.

Many of today's world, country by vermicomposting earn millions-billions prevent the spread of bacteria and waste as well as environmental protection are playing an important role in. In several countries the industry has changed in vermicomposting.

Specific earthworms

Periaॅniks Sensiveriks Risushk in India like Rajasthan, Periaॅniks Ikskevets and Paliferitia Ilangeta etc. useful Prjatiane earthworms have been discovered. These heavy metals and other inorganic Pdrthon has the ability to collect.

How is made compost

Earthworms as fresh or partial Sdeh-throat organic matter in surface soil organic matter was assumed and assumed to be the second Amasy the gizzard breaks into small pieces by milling process. The fragmentary organic diet of earthworms in canal after digestion by enzymes action Kolaidl is emitted as hummus. Is extremely useful for plants that emit substances. The emitted substances called earthworm compost. Concentrated material discarded by earthworms in organic matter, soil besides some quantity of iron, Magnisiam, Kalsiam, Poteshiam, Faॅsfors, nitrogen, etc. are found. The amount of these elements present in the soil around the ejected material is more.

Why is useful earthworm

Currently, chemical pollution, use compost instead of chemical fertilizers in time for environmental protection is very necessary. Today, in place of chemical fertilizers earthworm compost for planting because it is more Upyogki by nutrients found in plant growth and yield can be increased. In addition to lower cost of earthworm compost. Avseshon and earthworm compost from organic agriculture Avseshon can easily be made is. Earthworm manure nutrients to soil erosion can be saved by using. The dead cells are earthworms in the soil as fertilizer is used Naitrojnikrit.

In soil in many areas of the world, the natural energy of the fossil-based energy is declining. The reduction of the heavy use of chemical fertilizers and Kitnaskon could not be completed. In earthworms Purnudbvn plowing the fields which have the potential to cut the time short time, it will make itself known Regenerate.

Compost Utilization

The role of earthworms in creating fertile land barren have been proven. Earthworms turn wasteland full of nutrients. The use of earthworm compost soil biodiversity is increased. Predators such as its use of beneficial organisms by increasing the natural biological control of the Pests starts. Earthworm manure produced by the price of agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables is also available. The plants in the secretion of earthworms Riarir substance that is found to increase the plant hormone-like substances are also found. This release adds Yurigo. The properties are also found in the secretion of earthworms insecticide.

Armadillo technology increases the scope of

Earthworms Armadillo Armadillo technology or bio-technology to promote it as an eco-friendly as a beneficial technology is able to fight pollution. Also used as drugs, poisons and pollutants as preventive as well as being Javsuck. By studying the different species of earthworms and their properties have been seen quite exciting results. Some species of earthworms as soil-cutting Avsoshn blocking ability of land has been increasing. Aporektodia Kelijinosa water in the soil Avsoshn and durability is increased to 70 percent. Laॅga Aporektodisa the fruit of the earth and is known to increase the yield. Considering the fact Aॅstelia circulation is significantly faster. The bill is set deep in the soil Terestris Lumbiks species. Jdne of the plant so they could more easily be deep water and get good nutrition.

Paliferetima Ilantega called for land reform in India is considered to be most suitable species. Rubels Lumbriks of earthworms, Dendrodils Ruvids and Irsenia Fetida species are found in the metallic resistive properties. Lumbriks Rubels sulfur-rich in enzymes that are certain to arsenic and its toxic effects Kanechua grasp while defending offer him immunity. There are enzymes in some earthworms, which also give the biotransformation of arsenic. It has been found that if Isonia Fetida three years, when placed in cadmium-polluted environment, cadmium becomes resistant to it. The property also resistant to some species of Kechuon Zinc has been found.

Isonia Nardenskioldi earthworm species found in Siberia in the icy environment is capable of. This species is becoming more cold Glukol rescue and gathering in the icy environment of the body are not accumulating substances. The cold resistance of the armadillo species of earthworms being used in bio-technology. Thus today follow Kenuca is not only economically beneficial, but its other uses, this little creature also instrumental for sustaining human life is postulated.  website is Farmer portal to support online. has full support for Farmer .We are trying to put such article that can help kisan. is also a Kisan call center where Indian farmer can call 24x7 in hindi English or any other Indian languages , our expert will try there best. have submission for where Farmer can submit there query .