Agriculture should be made profitable

Best Kanse agriculture should be made before knowing what we need to know of problems of the agricultural | Agriculture in India has witnessed since civilization has been developing since the Aryan civilization or Indus Valley civilization and the ancient times as a proverb The "Best Farming medium Ban assume serfdom cooker diagnosis" of means, the better cultivation in India is considered, then trade and finally stated the dog accessories is job | but what it has become today People are going to a job except farming, the work of ancient Indian dog accessories is considered to be a matter of pride to him today and all that shy away from farming Janse be untouchable, today's farmers to sell land The children had to go to town to get a job is like, villages are becoming depleted and the ghost of so-called development of the whole of Indian civilization is the account |

The history of agriculture in India: -

Well we all know, India is thousands of years old golden bird and his farming business but if we just 100-150 years ago because of the terms under which British documented in the books of Prof. Dharam know them Discover how advanced the country's agriculture was 30% of world trade until 1835 were from India, the farmer was totally self sufficient and was fully organic farming | milk, yogurt, fruit, etc., given the split in the village for free Were | but today India's farmers committing suicide or is forced to leave farming will know the reasons why this may be the development of agriculture in India |

In what way were cultivated in ancient India: -

India's farmers used to put organic seed, because today cancer is a fake seeds which were not then nor capitalist thinking |
Replacing cow dung and compost poisonous leaves etc. were applied in the farm and food poisoning was not |
Place the cow in cow urine of toxic pesticides were used, which consist of neem leaves medicinal properties of neem were also found in crop pest and friends were not dying |
Farmer tractor instead of oxen and plow cultivation had so it was left with the cost of diesel fuel expenditure over income of his harvest to the supply of money was a farmer |
Farmers harvest the remaining part of the cow, bull etc. ate animals and milk, yogurt, butter, etc. belonged to farmer |

Today's farming loss: -

Today farmers use in tractors, etc, allowing thicker part of his income on gasoline, diesel and tractor rental or purchase it is in, and tractor plowing with friends on a long earthworm insect damage to the crop are killed snakes etc. When |
Monsanto Company today from toxic manure crop and village in river animals and humans, even in the sewers until the body has reached the poison, thousands of such diseases are Bud |
More toxic pesticides being used today are even farm pests are killed, and their land is becoming barren and every human being in the womb is full of poison |
Today, instead of saving the cow is being cut up the whole of India is dependent agriculture |
Millions of farmers in Punjab, Haryana, are committing suicide in Vidarbha |
Bathinda, a cancer of the Jaisalmer Express (Basil) is moving because most farmers got cancer from toxic manure and they are treated in Rajasthan |
Kerala Casrgud many people in the area got cancer from using toxic pesticides |
Today, foreign companies and builders are occupied lands of farmers |
60-70 percent of the total income of the farmer money these tractor petrol, diesel and fertilizers and pesticides is to buy |
Today, the seeds are prepared in the laboratory or terminated Janse Bt brinjal seeds which are toxic and so can not grow as well as the second foreign company to buy from them, we will be required every time |
Moong dal today comes from Malaysia, America and so many places to apple bananas, which come Pmoliv oil are so cheap because we are starving farmer sells his vegetables not all WTO agreement (Agreement gate) due to |
Captured lands under the Land Acquisition Act of farmers rich capitalists is being given to foreign companies that trade on the country's crisis of starvation is threatening |

Kanse and industries linked to agriculture should be made useful: -

None of the technical things like tomato sauce (tomato ketchup), chips (fries) to replace all import from abroad made by Indian farmers should prepare their indigenous option if farmers sell tomatoes'll need to sell lots of 10-15 At the same tomato sauce (ketchup) be sold by 100 per kg is sold, the difference between the condition and price and sell potato chips in selling, then the value addition should sell |
Direct Selling by pack of wheat flour or Pillsbury dough thereby Annapurna foreign companies that sell farmers not entitled to snatch |
Amul (Anand, Gujarat) Janse model Deyriya should milk the milk, yogurt, buttermilk, lassi, Mkkkn, ice cream, garnished etc. to be sold |
Lijjat papad Janse papad or some thing like ur Gajak, creating good-bar etc., can be sold or exported |
Bamboo basket, sofa, toys, etc. By creating a mobile stand to be sold |
Go put the broom making industry |
Pot, clay-like soil cool stuff refrigerator makers should be sold to tourists by organizing |
A website will be created which had been built by people of our village PHOTOS things they can trade videos can be exported |
There are foreign companies such as shopping mall so all villagers who produce goods in the city and also a brand to be sold by an indigenous Maule should be made |
Af.amksiljil Items such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. should Bnwani in the village and across the state should sell (and their quality must be checked by the government) |
In some places, making ayurvedic medicines ayurvedic medicine containing the agriculture market system should and should prepare her for the world, such as Ayur, Dabur, Patanjali, etc. These are things that can be sold is the great task of making drugs |

Epilogue :-

Builders, Corporate and lands in the hands of foreign capitalists should not go to the government to take care of it, otherwise one day we will have to buy them food which they sell in rupees and the poor will not eat it and the report of the Parliament of the Arjunsen Gupta So 84 million poor people in India who live on Rs 20 per day in the cultivation of the rich capitalist-minded people that have been captured will be very harmful to the country and humanity |
If we have a correct model and taking into account the interests of farmers are able to have some of our 121 million population is dominated Indian sari in the world need the poor, tribals and farmers, unemployed indigenous models should be thinking about |  website is Farmer portal to support online. has full support for Farmer .We are trying to put such article that can help kisan. is also a Kisan call center where Indian farmer can call 24x7 in hindi English or any other Indian languages , our expert will try there best. have submission for where Farmer can submit there query .