After the farmer what to believe?

After the farmer what to believe?

Nowadays, wheat, rice, corn, cotton, etc. The seeds of many crops that are available are not natural but are prepared in laboratories. These seeds are known as Genetically Modified or G-MT. April 3, 2014, according to a report the government filed a petition in the Supreme Court Replying prayed that her G-MT be allowed to use the seeds in the fields. From 2004 to the attention of the Supreme Court is. In July 2013 the Supreme Court-appointed expert committee had said that the G-M seed testing, be limited only to laboratories.

On the subject of a constitutional government Controller Committee (GEAC) has also been created. In addition to the expert committee, the Standing Committee on Procedure of the Controller Committee took a number of question marks. In 2010, the G-M controller Committee eggplant seeds were allowed to use, Prntu environment ministry had imposed restrictions on their use yet. The Minister of Agriculture and Science and Technology Minister, together with pressure on Prime restrictions on the above seeds were removed. Coalitions are more likely to have such pressures.

Since independence all crops improved seeds to farmers throughout the country, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR) had been providing. He was also received by the Patent Law of the country security. Prntu now under international agreements on the seed trade is dominated by US companies, because most patents are in the hands of those. Most of the land will sell private companies under license of MNC's.

On the subject of environment and forest minister recently that post earlier decision of the Minister has changed his colleague. Former Minister of the Supreme Court to refuse the expert committee of the G-M seed field trials were illegal. Due to general elections in the country's environment minister was the natural response to the above decision. CPI (M) attached to a body of farmers complained to the Election Commission alleging that Bhurashtrwadi companies (MNC's) benefit you bring to make haste in this smell of corruption.

G-M official decision on crops are affected by the country's farmers, seed prices have increased inflation to rise in the country. Therefore, with such an important decision should have the Prime Minister's statement.

India is a distinct civilization. Ram Rajya political system of the country, all the people have always believed. So he sees as the prime minister of the king, and believes that the Prime Minister will defend their interests withstood all pressures. Their faith is confirmed by the statement of Prime Minister  website is Farmer portal to support online. has full support for Farmer .We are trying to put such article that can help kisan. is also a Kisan call center where Indian farmer can call 24x7 in hindi English or any other Indian languages , our expert will try there best. have submission for where Farmer can submit there query .