Advanced cultivation method of peas

Advanced cultivation of peas

Winter vegetable in place of peas is dominant. Flli cultivation green (vegetable), whole peas, and lentils are used. Peas and lentils to vegetable cultivation is grown. Peas, lentils requirement is crucial for the production of yellow peas, lentils used, flour and chick peas are used as a more captive Kajkl box of peas is also quite popular. It rich in protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, fiber, potassium and vitamins are found. It is commercially cultivated across the country.


For the harvest of peas require moist and cool July so many places in our country is the season of the Rabi crop of peas seed germination to the average of 22 degrees Celsius and for good growth and development 10-18 ° C temperature is required. The building of the Flio hot or dry weather barring fuels and production of peas adverse effect on all those places where annual rainfall of 60-80 cm There is the harvest of peas can be grown successfully have more rainfall during the growth of peas is very harmful |


Proper drainage capacity for its successful cultivation, soil organic matter is considered suitable. Whose Pi.aczman. Hakmtiar loam and loam soil, then more than 6 to 7.5 is excellent for the cultivation of peas in Bluar loam soils of the irrigation facility available peas can be cultivated successfully Bhumiya of wetlands dried up water After the cultivation of peas are not |


Early type (early maturing)

The European early variety is sweet in its rash 55-65 days after sowing beans is worth breaking the pods 8-10 cm There is a similar elongated grains is 5-6 in each pod of green bean yield 70-100 quintals gets its beans can be broken three times the seed furrow is Dar |
This race has been brought to the US is the medium height of the seed furrow in Dar nation that grows straight up in the middle of the race is 80-85 days after sowing the beans are able to break two of flowering branch The average yield 130-140 quintals of bean pods begin there. Receive up |
Early Badger
This variety has been brought by the United States 65-70 days after sowing the early variety is willing to break the beans pods light green, about 7 cm Long and thick grain size large, sweet and wrinkled green beans contain an average yield of 80-100 quintals per ha. There's |
Early December
Ta. Early versions of badger drawn from 1 to 9 and is set to break in the early variety is 55-60 6-7 cm length of beans The average yield of green beans and dark green 80-100 quintals per ha. When |
This is an early dwarf variety of the 55-65 days after sowing the beans are worth breaking the pods dark green 5-6. M. Elongated and pointed at both ends, are long in each pod green beans grains average yield of 5-6 per quintal O 90-100. There's |
Pant Gifts
Aktumber 25 to November 15 is the sowing and 65-75 days after sowing the beans are worth breaking |
Jawahar peas
 65-75 days after sowing the beans are able to break the moderate variety of beans average length of 7-8. M. 5-8 seeds in each pod are in the bean seeds are packed in solid green bean yields an average of 130-140 quintals per ha. There's |
Medium type
This 75-day break in the middle range of its beans are worth harvest period is 120 days dark green plants and seeds, wrinkled and light greenish white flowers are white bean yields 80-100 quintals per ha. Is cultivated |
It is kind of medium-term plant light green, white seeds are Jhurredar green beans are worth 75 ha day break. 80-9 quintals of green beans is received 0 |
The 75-85 day break in the early variety beans are worth the harvest period is 100-110 days average yield 100-120 quintals of green bean seeds are wrinkled ha. If |
Late type (to be finished late): - the type approximately 100-110 days after planting the first such independence is worth picking peas -2, -2 etc. Jawahar peas.


 For early Kismo 100 kg. And 80 kg for the medium and late Kismo. Seeds per hectare seems. Always certified and treated seed should be planted before planting seed treated with neem oil or cow urine or kerosene to sowing |
Seeds and Transfer: -
Often, peas pure or mixed crop is taken as the Bunwai plow or seed in Kudo is by Dril. 30-45 cm and 10-15 cm in line with the time line Bubai From plant to plant distance of 5-7 cm Is planted at a depth |
 In northern India, sowing of peas to lentils is the best time 15-30 Aktumber beans sown to vegetables is beneficial to November 15 from 20 Aktumber |


Manure and fertilizer

Pea crop yields as well take 10-15 quintals an acre of beautifully rotten cow manure and neem cake while plowing the field can be mixed equally Bker Troikoderma 25kg acres but remember that the ratio must join in farm fields have adequate moisture 15-20 days after Bubai Warmiwash well Chidkab so drenched en: plant becomes wet after weeding flower Anen time Jiwamrit turn Chidkab of neem and karanj Mix the urine should Chidkab
If you use chemical fertilizers dung or compost (10-15 t / ha.) Please specify field preparation time. Since it is a pulse crop harvest so the root of nitrogen fixation therefore serves to reduce the nitrogen is required. 20-25 kg of chemical fertilizer in the form. Nitrogen, 40-50 kg. Faॅsfors and 40-50 kg. K / O. Bunwai seeds in rows must be at the same time. If the quantity of urea to farmers of fertilizers, potash of single super Faॅsfet and MoP wants to give through the 1 sack urea, 5 sack single super phosphate and potash 1.5 bags per hectare of MoP is enough.
Two native species of peas and improved modesty requires irrigation when the irrigation of winter rain is not required for the first 45 days after planting, irrigation and other irrigation flower emerging where necessary the time of the pod 60 days after sowing seeds peas usually require light to irrigation water should always light |


Pea crop is a major weed - Bathua, Gajri, Ctri-Mtri, Saji, Ankari these weeds can be pulled out of crop and weed-Gudhai. 35-40 days to harvest crop weeds is necessary to protect 30-35 days after planting, weeding needed one or two should |
Pest Control
It is the black fly in the early stages of the crop Gidaren bore which eats plants wither |
10 liters urine should be. The two and a half kilogram of neem leaves to rot in urine except 15 days. Sieve the urine after 15 days, then spraying |
Tunneling in leaf insects
The attack in the early stages of this pest plant starts making its Gidare cells eats leaves the tunnel this tunnel appears on the leaves |
40-50 days old copper pot with a 5 kg to 15 liters urine hare leaves and stems, boil 7.5 liters of urine remains to cool off from the fire and Sieve then saturate in crop spraying |
Pod borer
In late sown crop is greater invasion of the pest in the pest pod Sundian fully enters the hole in their lives and eats both |
Madar 5 kilograms of leaf and boil 15 liters of urine. Sieve 7.5 liters remains in the crop spraying saturate |
Since January of this pest outbreaks often happens |
10 liters urine should be. The two and a half kilogram of neem leaves to rot in urine except 15 days. Sieve the urine after 15 days, then spraying |
disease Control
This disease is called spot or Cuarni Ptiya, beans and a white powder which is transmitted on the stem and the leaves start to die, etc., and is black |
10 liters urine should be. The two and a half kilogram of neem leaves to rot in urine except 15 days. Sieve the urine after 15 days, then spraying |
In the early stages of the disease leaves of plants begin turning yellow from the bottom upwards and the entire plant is dried seed pods are not paired borne disease |
The farm was once an outbreak of the disease in peas grown in the field for this crop should be planted 3-4 years and 2.5 kilograms of tobacco leaves or data Ach Dari kg and 5 kg hare leaves boil 10 liters of urine and 5 Sieve liters remains in the crop spraying saturate |
In the early stages of the disease on the upper surface of the leaves appear yellow stains down the growth of mildew appears as white cotton |
10 liter urine for its prevention must take. The two and a half kilogram of neem leaves to rot in urine except 15 days. In the urine after 15 days Sieve then saturate crop spraying
White rot
The disease spreads widely in the mountainous region the aerial part of the plant from the disease plague, which are white and the whole plant dies, disease-ridden parts of the plant are white mold is growing and after disease-ridden parts of the inside of the black round seeds have become |
The first week of November, before the sowing of the crop should not, in the farm outbreak of the disease last year seem to have more in it for at least 5 years, peas and other crops not planted Dlhni Go and 2.5 kilograms of tobacco leaves Dari kg AAC data and 5 kilograms or hare leaves boil 10 liters and 5 liters of urine remains Sieve then saturate in crop spraying |
Scorching (Altrneria blights)
All pneumatic part is the first outbreak of the brown spots on the leaves along the Banat |
Madar 5 kilograms of leaf and boil 15 liters of urine. Sieve 7.5 liters remains in the crop spraying saturate |


Green bean yields 80-120 quintals per ha. Is received by a total of 150 quintals of beans after breaking the green fodder is achieved |


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