Advanced cultivation method of garlic

Advanced cultivation of garlic

Garlic an important and nutritious tuber vegetable Hakhsun than other tuber vegetables is more nutritious vegetable properties. Garlic cultivation as a cash crop throughout India are. It counts spice crops. It ethics, ketchup, spices and vegetables are used in almost every. Its cultivation in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are in scale. It also provides foreign exchange from exports. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicine. Extracts of garlic adds a percentage Mchcro protects up to 8 hours. These elements are found in vitamin C and is rich in protein. It is also found insecticidal properties. It Bld high pressure, stomach disorders, digestive disorders, for lung cancer, the disease of arthritis, impotence, and many diseases for the blood is the Antibaktiria Antikansr properties and is used in diseases caused


Temperate climate is perfect for cultivating garlic. It is cultivated in the Rabi season. It is no more heat and require more cold. The tubers are good for building small day to cultivate its successful 10-hour day from 29.76 to 35.33 degrees Celsius and 70% humidity is ideal from 1000 to 1400 meters above sea level at that height that can be cultivated


A loam soil is best for proper drainage in heavy ground may not proper development of the tubers. Sandy loam with good drainage Sandy loam soil cultivation of garlic in the amount of biological material from the smooth loam soil pH, which is Adikan The value can be from 6 to 7 under.


Several varieties Puttion mountain garlic heads in Madurai, Madurai field garlic, garlic Jamnagar, Pune garlic, garlic etc. The key is to Nashik. Thriving species must grow to get higher yields, such as the G-41 Agrifound white, gray or g.1 Yamuna, Yamuna white 2G 50, Yamuna White 3G 282, Parvati G-32, G-323, T-56-4, Godavari, Shweta , i. c. 49 381, i. c 0.42889 and 42 860 etc.
Garlic is one of two white and one red. Eat garlic white garlic are used only in the red due to the bitterness of the drugs used. The major varieties of white garlic are mentioned below

Little Ganto varieties - Thiti, type -56-4.
Big Ganto the type -

Rjali padding, February Solan, particularly in northern India has grown to be the type -
Nashik garlic, Hisar local, Solan, early Kuwari, 56 Type 4, the. 2

Seed sowing or planting

Sowing time

In plain areas from September to November
In mountainous areas, from March to May
The amount of seed
More than half of the garlic to yield 2 quintals per acre seems healthy buds. Buds should millimeter diameter 8-10. Before sowing the seeds should be planted and treated by kerosene or urine or Troikoderma |
Field preparation
First Jutaideshi plow tillage cultivator and two-three after the field level, should be crisp and decomposed manure or compost, and 25 to 30 quintals per acre from manure when plowing should be well received.
The method of sowing

Sowing of garlic in Kudhon Chitkwan Dbling method is best Dbling method should yield a harvest of garlic for the distance should be as follows

Row row row distance of 15 cm

From plant to plant distance of 7.5 cm

Seeding depth - 5 cm
Manure and fertilizer
Bubai of garlic before dung fertilizer subsidy is granted at Bubai Keedhi of other fertilizer is not required at the time of weeding after 15 days of Bobi put the neem cake is Jiwamrt turn the Chidkab
If you use chemical fertilizers Farmers Field preparation time 20 tons of rotten dung to manure nitrogen than 20 kilograms, 20 kg phosphorus and 20 kg of potash in the soil well before planting time last plowing match. After 30-40 days to 20 kilograms of nitrogen Bijai.
Enough moisture in the ground for the proper development of tumors is a must turn irrigate immediately after sowing 10-15 days in winter and summer on the difference should be irrigated at odds of 5-7 days.
weed control

To prevent weeds that must Gudhai its -nirai Gudhai first weeding by hand, dib harrow or 20-25 days after seeding, followed by the second weeding - Gudhai the first 20-25 days (total 40-50 days) after the addition After weeding the action should not Gudhai

Pest Control
These insects are small and yellowish white blur on the leaves make these insects suck sap from leaves.

10 liters urine should be. The two and a half kilogram of neem leaves to rot in urine except 15 days. Sieve the urine after 15 days, then spraying |

Purple blur

The disease is caused by the leaves and stem Altrnria Pori - small pink spots fall.


40-50 days old copper pot with a 5 kg to 15 liters urine hare leaves and stems, boil 7.5 liters of urine remains to cool off from the fire and Sieve then saturate in crop spraying |

Kandua disease of onion

This disease is caused by fungi called Urosaitis Spuli seed has become the place of black nodules contain bacteria of the disease.


Its prevention must sow the seeds are treated with kerosene or urine.
Stemfilliam blights
This leaves a major disease in the wet season than the disease it is a disease caused by fungi.


Madar 5 kilograms of leaf and boil 15 liters of urine. Sieve 7.5 liters remains in the crop spraying saturate |

In the case of chemical prevention of the above diseases or copper Aksicloraid Indofil M 45, from 400-500 grams per acre and a Cpakne substance dissolved in 200-500 liters of water (Salvet 99, 10 g, 50 ml per 100 Trytan liter) combined with an interval of 10-15 days, sprinkle on.


When ready to harvest tubers dies falling yellow leaves of the plant, including the land - are taken out after it leaves tied up - into a small bundle are then sun drying up in 2-3 days Parts are cut | who


The nations that produce the garlic, ground and see that crop - depend on care from 100 to 200 quintals per hectare yield is found that the yield GG garlic in Junagadh 2 requested that the maximum yield 8.8 Tnprapt  website is Farmer portal to support online. has full support for Farmer .We are trying to put such article that can help kisan. is also a Kisan call center where Indian farmer can call 24x7 in hindi English or any other Indian languages , our expert will try there best. have submission for where Farmer can submit there query .


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