Advanced cultivation of cauliflower

It is India's leading vegetable cauliflower is cultivated throughout the year. Farmers can benefit the most. This vegetable is used as soup and Ethics. It has plenty of B vitamins as well as other vegetable protein than is found
Cauliflower cold and humid climate is required if the day full of relatively small increase is more to be ready for full-time temperatures are more than full leafy and yellow high temperature for the early races and big days Requires 2 9.22 to 31.22 degrees Celsius more proper development of plants and flowers is considered the best of the best for Gnon full cabbage growing in the warm conditions of the vegetable flavor is tart | cauliflower cultivation often July is starting to April
The pH of soil The value is between 5.5 and 7 is considered appropriate for the early harvest of cabbage land full of sandy loam soil with good drainage, and the latter is suitable for loam or clay soils generally full of cabbage cultivation of various kinds which can be sufficient land available for cultivation of organic fertilizer is good enough to land a light composition by adding organic fertilizer can be cultivated
 Preparation of field
 When land becomes arable farm Plewa before his plowing and turning the soil with a solution of 2 times the run and then twice each tillage cultivator must keep the bridge |
Thriving species
Weather varieties of cauliflower is based on three types. Like the early, middle and late species
Early species
Pusa Deepali, Kuwari Early, Early Patna, Gobi- 2 Pant, Pant Gobi- 3, Pusa Karthik, Pusa Early Senthetik, Patna early, selection and selection 327 328.
Middle of the species
Pant Shubra, Improve Japanese, Hisar 114, S-1, Narendra cabbage 1, Punjab joint, Early Snowball, Pusa hybrid 2, Pusa Aghni, and Patna medium,
Late Species
Snowball 16, Pusa Snowball 1, Pusa Snowball 2, Pusa 1, Dania, Snoking, Pusa Senthetik, Visva Bharati, banarasi Magi, joint Snobaldrd
How to Prepare Plants
When ready to prepare the ground for healthy plant 0.75 meters wide, 5 to 10 meters in length, 15 to 20 centimeters tall must have Kyaria. Between two rows 50 to 60 centimeters wide, to drain water and other actions should be. Before putting the seedlings had 5 kg manure per bed should be 5 kg of urea and 10 grams per square meter MoP of the potash and may be mixed in terms of beds. The plant should be put in rows of 2.5 to 5 cm distance. After sowing the seeds in rows seeds should be covered with decomposed manure. 1 to 2 days after the water drains from the water bed should enclose or Hazare.
How sowing seeds
450 grams to 500 grams of a hectare to sowing of seeds. The first 2 to 3 grams per kilogram Brasikal captain or modified seed rate should be. As well as 175 from 160 ml to 2.5 liters of water per square meter per piece together the nursery land should laundering.
Planting cauliflower
Harvest time is the planting and sowing. As early as mid-June until the first week of July and 45 Sainty meter row by row crop planting mix and plant to plant distance of 45 cms to 30 days after planting the seedlings should be put. Medium crop seedlings should be put in the middle of August. After 30 days after planting crop put 50 cms row by row and plant to plant distance of 50 cm should be planted. Latter from mid-October to mid November in crop plants should be put. 30 days after the crop is planted on 60 cm and 60 cm plant to plant row by row should be planted at a distance.
Manure and fertilizer
Full cabbage that land to produce more adequate fertilization is essential that the main season crops that require relatively more nutrients for a hey. The best way to land 35-40 quintals rotten dung compost and 1 dog. Neem cake is poured 15 days after transplanting is used to wash Armadillo
Use of chemical fertilizer 120 kg nitrogen, 60 kg phosphorus and 60 kg potash should be used as ingredients

In the early crop irrigated immediately after transplanting later than one week gap, by a margin of 10-15 days in late crop irrigation works full time to keep in mind that the reduction in soil moisture should not |
weed control
Full cabbage crop grown with weeds as needed to prevent the continued since Nirai- Gudhai Fulgobi shallow root crops, so his Nirai- Gudhai deeper and do not destroy weed out |
Pest Control

Cabbage maggot
It attacks the roots of plants which are well |
For prevention neem fertilizer should be used in farm |
The insect sucks sap from the leaves of plants and other soft parts which becomes yellow Pttiy |
For the prevention of urine mixed with neem decoction prepared by mixing well 750 m. Lee. Mix in a pump according to saturate crop spraying |
Green cabbage worm
They feed on the leaves, causing the leaves that are worse shape |
Prevention: -
Neem oil for prevention urine mixture and mix well designed 500 mm. Lee. Mix in a pump according to saturate crop spraying |
Diamond Bakmoth
The moth is gray or brown in color from the 1. Min. Its eggs 0.5-0.8 m tall. M. There's diameter from 1 to Sundi. M. Long edges of the leaves, which are plants that eats |
Neem oil for prevention urine mixture and mix well designed 500 mm. Lee. Mix in a pump according to saturate crop spraying

Before sowing the seeds for disease prevention urine, kerosene or by treating the seeds of neem oil Boan |


Cabbage-year-old should not grow crops in the region which have been outbreaks of these diseases total of mustard plants not Ugayen It |
Full cabbage on the cutting then become his full full full Vikhsit should be solid and attractive race early as 60-70 days after transplanting, harvesting medium
Full cabbage on the cutting then become his full full full Vikhsit should be solid and attractive race early as 60-70 days after transplanting, medium 90-100 days, 110-180 days late in getting ready for harvesting are |
The per-O. 200-250 a quintal yield is found |
Flowers on a 85-9 0% humidity leaves remain engaged with them at 14.22 degrees Celsius can be kept for a month ||  website is Farmer portal to support online. has full support for Farmer .We are trying to put such article that can help kisan. is also a Kisan call center where Indian farmer can call 24x7 in hindi English or any other Indian languages , our expert will try there best. have submission for where Farmer can submit there query .

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